Check out these great open houses throughout Norfolk this weekend. While there don't forget about the Fringe Fest thats going on in the arts district. If you have any questions or concerns or would like us to tag along with you to any of the homes, feel free to contact us directly at 757-748-4087 or 757-652-6655 and we will be more than glad to assist. Happy Home Hunting!

$359,9003929 OCEAN VIEW AVENUE E44/29/1611:00AM-2:00PM
$359,9003937 OCEAN VIEW AVENUE E44/29/1611:00AM-2:00PM
$174,9001513 VINE STREET44/30/169:00AM-11:00AM
$350,0002435 EVERGLADES ROAD44/30/1610:00AM-2:00PM
$259,9004724 BRUCE STREET44/30/1611:00AM-2:00PM
$259,9004730 BRUCE STREET44/30/1611:00AM-2:00PM
$169,900108 HOUGH AVENUE34/30/1611:00AM-3:00PM
$229,9003477 BESSIE STREET44/30/1612:00PM-3:00PM
$350,000120 CHERRY STREET54/30/1612:00PM-3:00PM
$229,900972 PHILPOTTS ROAD44/30/1612:00PM-3:00PM
$359,9003929 OCEAN VIEW AVENUE E44/30/161:00PM-4:00PM
$392,000448 HARITON COURT34/30/161:00PM-3:00PM
$205,000239 RANDALL AVENUE E34/30/161:00PM-3:00PM
$140,0002209 OCEAN VIEW AVENUE E24/30/161:00PM-3:00PM
$359,9003937 OCEAN VIEW AVENUE E44/30/161:00PM-4:00PM
$732,0001808 OCEAN VIEW AVENUE E44/30/161:30PM-4:00PM
$215,000166 BAYVIEW BOULEVARD E44/30/162:00PM-4:00PM
$314,900113 BLAKE ROAD45/1/1611:30AM-1:30PM
$369,000104 CARLISLE WAY55/1/1612:00PM-3:00PM
$174,9001513 VINE STREET45/1/1612:00PM-2:00PM
$600,0007443 SAINT FRANCIS LANE55/1/161:00PM-4:00PM
$259,9004730 BRUCE STREET45/1/161:00PM-4:00PM
$485,0007653 GLENEAGLES ROAD55/1/161:00PM-4:00PM
$284,900404 CARLISLE WAY45/1/161:00PM-3:00PM
$325,0007605 GLENEAGLES ROAD45/1/161:00PM-4:00PM